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"... your book is tremendous ..."

"Hello, Dr. Andrew:

I'm so thankful I bought your on-line book! I have three dogs and two cats and know I'll be using it quite often. I've already looked at many topics, one of which was cushings disease. My 10 year old lab pit bull mix was diagnosed with this after about a year of my questioning things. She gained 11 lbs. in 6 months (big belly). She was being treated for obesity when she had never been overweight. Anyway, she was finally diagnosed properly which was a tumor on her adrenal gland and was referred to the VCA Surgical Center in Sacramento. They removed the gland and tumor (benign, yeh!), she was put on Prednisone, was finally taken off prednisone this week and is doing fantastic. She was also diagnosed with low thyroid and put on medicine. Her fur is finally growing back, her head has straightened out (was tilted), and her energy level has increased a great deal this past week. I was told that only 1 in 5 dogs with this type of cushings survive, so I'm very thankful indeed. The bill was huge but we feel she's worth it! I did look cushings disease up in your book but you only covered the one regarding the pituitary gland and didn't say much about the adrenal gland. I also put her on an herbal supplement right away that I found on the internet. It was originally for humans with cushings (pituitary), but there was so much demand for dogs with cushings that they derived one for dogs. They didn't know if it would help with the adrenal kind and told me they would refund my money if I didn't think it helped. She made such a great recovery that I can't help think it did help. Anyway, I think your book is tremendous and thanks so much for the supplements!

A very happy, satisfied customer,"

Donna Brome, CA
"... its a GREAT must have! ..."

"I just want to say that I have used your veterinary secrets book MANY times (since I purchased it) and have told others about it - its a GREAT must have!!!! "

Rick and Nancy Oppor, Illinois
"... proved to be extremely useful ..."

" Hi again
I was very pleased to receive a hard copy of Veterinanry Secrets Revealed and it has proved to be extremely useful when I have had problems with my little boys and was not sure what to do. I have also lent it on many occasions to friends for their dogs and cats. I now question everything the vet says and also do my own research. After having been duped several times I think I have now found a really good vet who genuinely cares for animals and does not vaccinate or give out medication willy nilly. And this is all thanks to Dr Jones and his interesting emails and his advice.

Sincerely, "

Elaine Mayhew, France
"... Home Study Course is awesome ..."

"Dr. Jones,

The Home Study Course is awesome. I used information in it the same weekend I received it. I found it easier to have the books and audios at my fingertips. My dog Poppy was stung by something on her chest as it looked like a sore spot with a little puncture/sore in it and I looked for that in the Pet First Aid book and used baking soda paste and then calamine lotion to soothe it. I checked her vitals and she didn't have any severe allergic reactions thank goodness. I used butter knife to scrap it a little suggested in the book to make sure the stinger was removed. Alright apparently I have no idea what a stinger looks like but if anything was there then surely it was gone. I just assumed it probably looked like a splinter perhaps. A few days later it seemed to have some fluid in the sore and it was a little puffy like possibly it was getting a little infection but she didn't seem to be itchy and wasn't scratching it.

I couldn't find the Calendula lotion mentioned in your book at my local Herbal store in fact he acted like he never heard of it so I had my daughter look at it and she said well it was perfectly round and had no hair on it and it looked like Ring Worm to her and well Poppy isn't a cat but the antibiotic ointment (Neosporin) I had started putting on it suggested by the Veterinary assistant wasn't helping a bit so started putting the vinegar treatment on it twice a day noted in the Veterinary Secrets and I had decided if it didn't look better by the weekend I would take her to the Veterinarian but it looked so much better and the little sore on it has all healed up so I'm hoping the hair will grow back in soon. Vinegar is great even though it may have not been exactly step by step thing as mentioned in the books at least I could look for some everyday items in my own cabinet to try without having to take her to get a cortisone shot.

My other dog Scar is 2 year old boxer mix and has had the worst trouble with itching and hair loss from skin allergies. He had been receiving cortisone (steroid) shots monthly for about a year and he looked horrible. I was afraid he was dying. Using your Veterinary Secrets advice I have started giving him a better quality pet food that has Selenium and Vitamin E and no wheat or corn and is supposed to have no by-products, weekly oatmeal baths and Promeris flea/tick monthly application. I tried Revolution but that one didn't seem to help him at all. He has hair!!! He seems to be so much happier.

Thank you!"

Michelle Tidwell, OK
"... I highly recommend to anyone who even has one pet, to join his inner circle ..."

"I have been a member of Dr. Jones inner circle online, for several months, and the other day I decided to watch the 1st aid for animals video, I had seen other videos on this topic before, but I was especially impressed with the explanation and demonstration of the Hiemlich Maneuver, so I paid close attention and really appreciated the different methods for different sizes of dogs.

Good thing I did!!

I have an almost 6 mos. Old English Bulldog puppy who started choking on his regular kibble this morning(slightly moistened and not a large size) He was in obvious distress, first making wheezing noises, then thrashing about with his neck down and eyes bulging, and no more noise, I had already patted him hard on the back a few times, then quickly checked with my fingers to see if I could dislodge what was obstructing his throat, and I couldn't feel anything, all of this was happening in a matter of seconds. And as I have a bad back, and Charlzez, weighs about 35 lbs. I didn't want to pick him up, but felt it was important to have his head facing downward, so quickly while sitting on the edge of my bed, I put him in my lap, face forward and down and held him with my knees and right hand, he was still really struggling and choking, but he was now pretty much upside down, and taking my left hand and making a fist, did the Heimlich Manuever, 1, 2, then 3 times, and Wala! The food dislodged! and right away he was breathing ok and longer struggling, a very short time after he was happily playing with a toy! If I had not just recently watched Dr. Jones' video on pet 1st aid, I would not have known what to do...until maybe Charlzez would have passed out... then I would have to have done CPR etc... But it was because of Dr. Jones' excellent video instruction that I was able to figure out what to do! Charlzez was really struggling and putting him on his side like you can do with smaller dogs, just didn't seem the best option. So a HUGE Thank You to Dr. Jones!

And I highly recommend to anyone who even has one pet, to join his inner circle website. You will find invaluable information on this website, as well as the many articles he writes and sends quite frequently to all members, also I am going to purchase Dr. Jones' Dog and Cat Home Health Healing System a.s.a.p.!

We are very lucky to have a Veterinarian, of this caliber offer his knowledge online to all of us and there's even more info. with dvd pkgs. etc..like the Dog and Cat Home Health Healing system and more. This is "Must Have Information" for Anyone who owns a pet!

Best Regards,"

Sheila and Charlzez, Florida
"... whole heartedly recommended your program to all ..."

"Dr. Jones:

I would like to THANK YOU for the wonderful program that you have developed. I cannot tell you just how much money this program has saved us in vet bills over the last five or so years. Our vet used to love to see me, as we have three giant breed dogs, two large breed dogs and four cats as well as livestock. She used to joke with me that she should be able to retire on our account alone. This is no longer the case. We have been fortunate enough to drop our visits to our check ups. The most recent check up for our 10 year old Bullmastiff seemed to shock our dear vet, as she has been on thyroid meds for the last seven years, we decided to give a new med a try so with all of the blood work and panels we decided to give her a full workup. She then entered the room shaking her head, as I was worried there was something wrong, I inquired about her results, she told me that if she had not been our vet since puppyhood she would not believe that this was the blood work for this particular dog as all of her levels/organ function etc was not only "textbook" but "textbook" for a much younger dog! Now we have never seen "eye to eye" on the fact that I am using your program and supplementing and NOT using the clinics food etc , and because it would be just rude of me to say to her I told you so, I grinned and left things as is. Our dear girl has outlived her littermates and her parents by 3-4 years already and is still going strong and the only difference is that I am using your program and advise on supplements etc. I should also mention that we also used this program on our Old English Mastiff as well, and even though we recently had to make the decision to put him down (due to loss of bowel control and hip weakness) he was 15 years 1 1/2 months old...... Not sure if it was due to your program or not, but I do have my suspicions!! I have whole heartedly recommended your program to all and will be more than happy to continue doing so! If I could have afforded it I would have loved to purchase programs to give to all of the people that bought our reg. puppies as I do believe that it is this valuable a resource. Our best wishes to you, and once again a huge thank you for being brave enough to provide all of us pet owners with your knowledge and guidance in regards to the proper use of complimentary medicine.

Best regards,"

C. Eidt, Alberta, Canada
"... without your book, our Boxer [] would not have lasted this long ..."

"Doctor Andrew,

Plain and simple, without your book, our Boxer diagonesed with renal kidney failure would not have lasted this long (5 months now) and there are signs of a real good recovery.

Keep it up,"

Ed, MB, Canada
"... helped many ..."

"have referred to your books over and over again and have helped many poor persons with your suggestions--that truly helped---Many thanks---"

Linda Botbyl, Niagara Falls, Ont. Canada
"... Since receiving your course, we have not been to the vet once ..."

"I would like to thank you for the course which we purchased from you a while ago. We were running to the vet practically every month for something.

Since receiving your course, we have not been to the vet once. He probably thinks we have switched vets. We have visited a holistic/homeopathic pet store where we now buy our food, treats and remedies for allergies. Also, I am bathing our little bichon, Molly, at least once a week and combing her right to the skin daily. She is much better. She was also being treated with steroids for her severe itching, but we are now in the process of ridding her body of all those nasty toxins with natural remedies. I am also treating our poodle's chronic ear problem with a cleansing herbal ear wash and it's amazing how her ears have cleared up without all of the expensive vet ear drops (which I found out also contain steroids!)

Every person with a dog in their family should have your course. It is a common sense approach to caring for our beloved family members. The kindest thing we can do for our pets is to learn how to look after them at home and learn how to recognize the first signs of something being amiss. Your course does just that.

Thank you so much."

Carol Johnston, Kitchener Ontario, Canada
"... saved me an expensive Saturday vet bill ..."

"The first weekend after I received this course, my flat-coated retriever Quinn had an attack of explosive diarrhea. Knowing Quinn and following your exam procedures, I diagnosed this as a probable attack of "garbage gut". We treated it as you recommended, and the problem cleared right up within a day. Your course allowed me to quickly treat my dog the right way and saved me an expensive Saturday vet bill. I am sure that examining my cats and dogs the way you show on a regular basis will allow me to bond even further with them.

Thank you!"

River Curtis-Stanley, Washington
"... Everyone who is a guardian to an animal needs your book ..."

"Everyone who is a guardian to an animal needs your book. It is filled with the information that other vets either don't know or refuse to use because a lot of it is common sense combined with NATURAL alternatives that work without causing additional financial hardships."

Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter, Florida
"... Vet secrets revealed is the best thing I have ever bought ..."

"Vet secrets revealed is the best thing I have ever bought. I have 5 toy poodles so I need all the help I can get. Its also saved me a bundle. I am no vet but I do know my girls and they are all fighting fit thanks to using ideas in your book. No more outragous vet bills(sorry). I have used many of the things in there. At the moment the girls all have flaxseed iol on their food at night. which I always cook for them every night."

Kathleen Cooper, Qld Australia
"... the best thing I have bought for the benefit of my pets ..."

"I really like this course. It's the best thing I have bought for the benefit of my pets.

I'm really pleased I bought it. Thank you for making it available to all pet owners. I think we are entitled to know the basics of really caring for our pets, and you have enabled us to do just that.
Having this information could save our pets lives because you tell us how to deal with a pet which collapses for no apparent reason, how to deal with broken bones, bleeding, etc.

This is invaluable information for all pet owners."

Lenise, UK
"... already been a valuable tool ..."

"Dr. Andrew,

Your Web site and books have already been a valuable tool for us in caring for our two year old Yorkie. I have been able to successfully treat her allergies, find new alternatives for pain, and insist on a three year vaccine regimen, all saving us expensive trips to the Vet, and probably extending her life. As retiree's, on a fixed income, they have been invaluable, and already paid for themselves. I am so thankful for a reliable reference to rely on.

Thank You so much."

Nita Le Van, Colorado
"... unbelievable tool ..."

"Hello Dr. Jones,

Wonderful Vet, lucky dog, unbelievable tool: PET FIRST AID SECRETS. Had a Golden Retriever run over by a wild sow yesterday. No blood, not far from home.
Carried her home with the help of some people. Put her on the couch, had somebody watch her, got the book (now its placed in the living room), shock treatment, rescue drops, arnica from the inside. Fortunately nothing broken, a swollen right shoulder (X-ray confirmed today). With the help of your book I was able to overcome the symptom of paralysis.

Thank you,"

Christine Schulze-Leistikow, Berlin, Germany
"... Keep up the good work ..."

"I was searching for information about cancer cures when my Greyhound developed cancer and was only given six months to live. As he was a valued member of our family, I wanted to learn all I could about what I could do differently or could have done differentlly that might have prolonged his life. He has passed on but, thanks to your course, I have gotten a greater understanding of how loving pet owners may be over vaccinating their dogs and the importance of healthy diets. I highly recommend your course to all the loving pet owners who want to do the best they can to help their pets live a longer healthier life.

Keep up the good work, and thank you for showing the courage to show that there are alternative methods to pet care."

Joe Alexander, Montour Iowa
"... was so wowed by the information ..."

"When the pet food recall put a continuing scare into not only the pet food, but also the human food and goods industries, I went searching for an alternative. I scoured the internet until I found someone else's recommendation for your products. I purchased one of your e-books, and was so "wow"ed by the information, advice and clear, concise help, I went back and bought a bunch more!

Thanks, Dr. Andrew, for making it easier to take care of my two beautiful dogs!"

Annie Sires, Stuttgart Germany
"... love my entire collection of vet secrets ..."

"I love my entire collection of vet secrets and have found many many things there that even I, a 24 year "veteran" of raising Aussies, didn't know. And the first aid book is awesome...so much info right at my fingertips! BLESS YOU Dr. Andrew for all you do...keep up the great work and don't let those other know-nothing vets put you down, as my friends from the deep south of the US would say "they need a can 'o whoop-ass showered on them"!

Aussies Always... "

Jeni Gallichan, Mikatura Stockdogs: www.mikatura.com, Alberta
"... Love everything I've purchased ..."

"Well, I love it. Since I have a 4 month Ger. Shepherd puppy, & we did not encounter any serious illnesses... But when he has diarrhea, I follow your recommendations 100%. When my mom's dogs get sick, I simply turn to your guide.

I am listening to the CDs in the car, & learning ton of things. My new puppy was scratching & itching, so I purchased the callendula gel & that seem to work. Love everything I've purchased.

Thank you for everything!"

Alona, CA
"... really enjoyed your book ..."

"Have really enjoyed your book--have used it many times. Unfortunately we couldn't help our wee poodle--she was almost 14 and had so many things wrong--it broke our hearts but we had to euthanize her. We now have another wee girl and I check your book every times something goes awry.

Thanks so much."

Jean Christianson, Alberta
"... I thank you for the extra time I had with Buddy ..."

"Dr. Jones,

I wanted to thank you for your help with my Buddyroe, you may not remember but he had prostrate cancer. He had gone through kemo tretments and got better for a short while. Then I discovered your web page and asked you what to you gave me some advice and Buddyroe started to show improvement using your tretment suggestions and I was able to have him another 4 months. He was playfull and seemed to be fine. He went peacefully sunning in his favorite spot. We were told by the vet that had treatmened using kemo admitted that it was probibly kemo that killed my Buddyroe.

I thank you for the extra time I had with Buddy, I can't thank you enough even if I wrote you every day. Respectfully,"

Grady W. Turner, Georgia, USA
"... very, very helpful ..."

"Dr. Jones book has been very, very helpful in treating my rescue dogs and puppies. The book is easy to understand and it is easy to quickly find what you are looking for. Using the treatments has helped many of my furbabies, including treatment for vomiting, diarrhea, arthritis, and many others. Thank you. I will be ordering the home study course to further assist my rescues as soon as I can afford the price."

Andrea Tucker, Jazzin Around Rescue, Tennessee
"... Thank God you are out there with this information ..."

"Hello Dr. Jones,

I just want to say,"Thank God you are out there with this information!" I have two completely different cats in every way and every time I take them to the vet, I am never satified with the answers they give me. I also do not have alot of money due to a recent divorce, so I have read all of your emails and taking them seriously. Recently, my Burmese has been undergoing a skin disorder that has caused her to lose some patches of fur. I was very concerned and worried it was worms or worse, FIV. I took her to the vet and he gave me some topical spray that ended giving her more allergies.

Upset that I had just spent alot of money at the vet for her getting worse, I turned to your website. I found a great Omega 3 diet for her and after a few days, I have noticed a big difference. I have saved so much money doing this and I have my cat back to normal.

Thank you very much!"

Megan Idrovo, Florida
"... Thank you again for your most practical and useful book ..."

"I found your Ebook "Veterinary Secrets Revealed" online last year. I got your email minicourse first and, though I already knew some of the remedies, I only knew a few. Due to several health problems of my own, I take a number of medications. I'm usually very careful but once in awhile a pill drops on the floor and then I'm off on a mad journeys to find it. I finally called in a sighted person to help but the pill was simply not to be found. Then I had a moment of panic. The pill was a diabetes med which I knew, if he'd ingested it, would play havoc with his blood sugar and could lead to serious consequences. But since I knew from your course and Ebook how to induce vomiting with hydrogen peroxide, I gave him a spoonful as instructed and waited 15 minutes with him outside. (Thank goodness it was a beautiful day so waiting was no discomfort for either of us. After he had not vomited, I gave another round of the hp and it started. Being a fairly anxious person and since, after all, this dog was my eyes, I got him to the vet as quickly as possible. The vet, who I knew to be open-minded though not very knowledgeable about alternative remedies, told me he was impressed at how well I handled things. He did some tests and kept my dog overnight and I'm not sure exactly what else he did but my guide dog was great the next day.

Now I recommend your book to everyone I come into contact with at the rescue agency for which I volunteer (I process applications, do adoption interviews and owner surrenders, take my turn on the hotline etc. It is gratifying to know that if a caller calls about a health concern I can suggest alternative remedies to use either until they get to their vets or sometimes so they won't have to go at all. My dream is to get all of this vital information into the hands of the people who adopt our dogs as well as other pet adoptees and I would love to have all of the guide dog schools and organizations give these materials to every student. I wish I'd had this information a few years ago when my then guide was diagnosed with cancer, given unsuccessful surgery (twice) and even then they didn't get it all.) Maybe I could have done something to help the cancer go away or maybe I could have prevented it in the first place. My last guide had terrible allergies. I had him tested and, for awhile, did the allergy shot thing. After a year and a half, I stopped the shots. They just weren't working. I felt so bad for him with the constant itching and scratching no matter what shampoo he was bathed with and then they found out he had a food allergy. So I switched him to a premium lamb and rice formula. The food I was using was not on the recall list so I was grateful for that. I am considering cooking for the dog myself when my next one arrives.

Thank you again for your most practical and useful book and for all the time I knew you had to put in to writing it and your course.

Best wishes,"

M.B. Texas, U.S.A.
"... We are so thrilled with Veterinary Secrets Revealed ..."

"Dr. Andrew Jones:

We are the lucky caregivers to four yellow labs, ages 9, 8 and two 6 year-olds, so have many occasions for the need of a book like "Veterinary Secrets Revealed". I have been looking for just this book for many years.

We live in rural Alberta and grow our own organic vegetables, herbs, some fruit and Bantams for eggs, so appreciate the natural solution when possible. All the extra bonuses received with the book are very valuable tools every pet owner should have, especially "At Home Health Exam" and "Behavioral Problems".

Some of the pictures (massage parlour cats) are just hilarious.

We are so thrilled with "Veterinary Secrets Revealed" we recommended it to (many) friends. We hope for their sake (and their pet's) they follow up.

Thank you for your dedication in making this much-needed informative book. We look forward to learning all we can to provide a happy, healthy life for our pets. Thank you. "

Jim and Pat Van Heukelom, with Russ, Ginger, Gus and Abby, Buck Creek, Alberta
"... Thank you very much ..."

"Hi Dr. Jones,

I very much appreciate your real concern for pets; not just the typical moneymaking, closeminded attitude of many veterinarians. You recognize that there are many aspects to a pet's well-being, and offer a number of answers that deal directly with the pet's health with an open-mindedness that more veterinarians should emulate.

Thank you very much."

Helga Gendell, Playa del Rey CA
"... this Vet is the vet of the future ..."

"I belive this Vet is the vet of the future as he prescribes resposibilty with his world and I think he really does love animals over money. All the vets I have seen like it the other way around. His emergency informaion is something everyone should have. I really appreciate that he bukcs the system. Someone has to do it in order for the system to change.

Thanks Doctor Andrew. :)"

Michael Kane, North Carolina
"... feel like its having a family doctor at home for my baby ..."

"This is my first pooch and reading and learning so much from you has assisted me with so much for her. I feel like its having a family doctor at home for my baby. I have learned so many new things that i wasn't even aware of, in dog care that is. Treating her at home is so much better than having to run to the Vet every time i think something is wrong with her.

We are both grateful for your assistance."

Dor, Dallas Texas
"... your information has helped a great deal ..."

"Some of your information seems like it was if you know my dogs one is a yorkie and the other is a pom. They are very different in temperment and habits and your information has helped a great deal to help me understand them a little better. Thank you for help and I will keep looking for more reading and learning more.

Thanks again,"

Pat Morrison, Ontario
"... I am a happy customer ..."

"I have been looking for alternative methods to treat my dogs for years. It is frustrating, to say the least, that most vets are not alternatively minded.

So, Dr. Jones, when I found your information online, I gladly purchased your wonderful, very reasonably priced e-book and put it to use immediately. For example, I had a pom who had a collapsed trachea, diagnosed by several vets with no treatment offered besides surgery and drugs.
I looked in the ebook and by your recommendation I purchased Hylands natural cough syrup and lo and behold, she stopped her coughing and was able to walk or bark without coughing. I was so relieved and I was so thankful that I was able to help her myself. Before, I would have been scared to give her something that I wasn't sure would hurt her.

I will refer to the informative Veterinary Secrets Revealed whenever I have an issue come up with my pets. I have been involved with alternative medicine for 20 years now and I will continue to search for natural and safe treatments.

I am so thankful to you Dr. Jones for making alternative medicine for animals available to me. I am a happy customer. Keep up the fabulous work. I only wish you were practicing here in Austin, TX."

Catherine Ruivivar CBP, Par BP, RMT, Austin Texas
"... Thanks for all the welcome information ..."

"Dear Dr. Jones,

You are doing important work. I have both a "regular" vet and a "holistic vet" (who is very, very far away but I know to take my cats there when they need her. Your advice to be proactive in caring for your pets and to consider both traditional and holistic approaches is very, very sound. Your NO pet owner should be in the dark. Our animal companions rely on us to be their voice. That's the important message you are sending and it cannot be repeated often enough.

Thanks for all the welcome information."

Barbara Kaplan, Maryland USA
"... we both want to thank You ..."

"Dear, Dr. Jones

When I bought your ebook I was really desperate, my Shi-Tzu Linda was very sick with diarrhea and vomits, She was hospitalized for two days. After the hospitalization she start again with the diarrhea and vomits, in that week I spend 500.00 in vets care. Then I decided to look in the web , and thanks God I found your ad. As soon I received the book I start looking for the information that could help my Linda. I follow your instructions and after 24 hour Linda was the one that she was before .

So we both wants to thank You,"

Linda & Carmen
"... will be recommending this to everyone I can ..."

"Hello Dr. Jones,

I just purchased your eBook as a result of trying one of your remedies in your newsletter. I am using dandelion tea as diruetic for my pet with congestive heart failure and it is very helpful. I am going to use some of the other remedies starting now because I have an outbreak of upper respiratory problems. Colds. Runny eyes and congestion. Since some of them I have used previously on myself (I prefer alternative medicines for me too) and found them helpful I have no reservations in following your suggestions laid out in your book. I will continue to give you feedback as I proceed. And I will read the book from end to end. Your book will be the most valuable aid in caring for my feline family that I could ever have.

Thank you so much for writing such a comprehesive medical guide. I can see that you have put a lot of care and thought into not only the content, but the layout as well. It is very well thought out and user friendly. I will be recommending this to everyone I can.

Thank you for providing this tool to people like me who don't want to always rely on tradional pharmaceuticals with there inherent side effects."

Carole Burletoff, Economy, NS
"... find it fascinating and informative ..."

"Thank you for your Vetinary Secrets Newsletter. I find it fascinating and informative. It has confirmed some things I have always suspected! I then brought your book which I, happily, have not had to use yet but feel confident I will find useful. I particularly like the info on how to examine my cats at home.

Keep up the good work. I think you and your book are GREAT!!!!!!

Best wishes, "

Ann Partridge, West Bromwich, England
"... very admirable ..."

"I think what you are doing is very admirable and what you have produced in your various manuals is a very clear and factual reference for dog and cat owners. More power to you, as it must take up a lot of your time and energy to do this."

Lilian MacMillan, United Kingdom
"... Excellent value for money ..."

"I have great admiration for the fact that you have shown the courage to blow away so much of the mystique surrounding your particular Profession. Here in the U.K. veterinary costs are sky-high (ever increasing), and having a family of numbers of animals the information you share is much appreciated and sincerely valued. Having all this 'INSIDER' information and guidance available from one source is invaluable.

Thank you. Excellent value for money."

Dawn, United Kingdom
"... greatly appreciated ..."


Your e-mails, e-books, seminars, are greatly appreciated, all my cats are eating raw meat, and are healthier.

Many thanks to you, an e-mail a day keeps the vet away......"

Sandra Deneault, Quebec Canada
"... I have recommended it to all of my pet loving friends ..."

"I have enjoyed your E-book so much I have recommended it to all of my pet loving friends. Not all of them are as interested in caring for their pets the way you and I are but I am hoping as time goes by and they continue to ask me for my advice they too will come to understand how important your E-book is and buy it for themselves. I really appreciate having a reference at my fingertips without having to wait for a Vet or relying on someone else for the care and treatment of my "children".

I will continue to 'tout' your e-book and recommend your newsletters to all my internet friends. I only wish more Vets would be as forthcoming as you have been with their expertise and I hope someday they will recognise the benefits of alternate cures. I know I am very tired of the cure being worse than the disease and having no alternative but to return time after time to an expensive Veterinarian and still feeling like I didn`t know any more than I did when I went in.

Please continue what you are doing. You are a GOD Send."

Thelma Blackwell, Lincolnton
"... your emails have been brilliant ..."

Would just like to say fantastic work! I've learned so much to help me in. As I run a boarding kennels in ireland I'm faced with so many different problems but have a hugh knowledge of dogs and so far have never got it wrong but love to know more and more and your emails have been brilliant!
As the saying goes "knowledge is priceless"
Keep up the great work from all in Ireland"

Jessica, Ireland
"... wish I would of gotten this a long time ago ..."

"When I received your book I wish I would of gotten this a long time ago. I went to two vets before they discovered what was wrong with my cat who was 11 years old. By then it was to late. He was diagnosed with thyroid problem. They put him on Tapoz and that made him worse and to be put to sleep. Your book would of helped him. Well I got two new Birman kitties and I have your book.

Thank You, "

Sylvia, Palmdale, Ca.
"... better prepared to handle an emergency ..."

"Dear Dr. Jones,

I have read your book and I am better prepared to handle an emergency with my Dog "Annie". I know how to do CPR on a dog and how to do the Heimlich Maneuver, etc. She is 7 and has arthritis in her left rear leg, probably in the knee. I am going to treat her now with your alternative treatment.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate having this reference book. I recommend it to every pet owner. It's a must have. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with your 'problem' with the association. Thank you."

Alan Schulz, Northbrook, IL USA
"... well worth what I paid for it ..."

"I spent around £380 in 3 different Vets and sent to the US for Pets Best rx (another $85) for a treatment for Dermatitis in my Springer Spanials front paws and after reading your book cured it with Vinigar.

Your Book is well worth what I paid for it. Many thanks,"

Roger Johnson, Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK
"... You are a Dogs Best Friend ..."

"Dr. Andrew,
your news letters have came in handy more then just once, with the free advice I have used quite a few of them, especially the ones about urinary infections in dogs.
Being a single mom with a son in Law school and having two wonderful dogs, its hard to make vet visits so I look forward to each news letter, so i can keep the information in case I need it at a later date. I'm always going back to them for information.

Thanks so much! You are a Dogs Best Friend!! (Owners Too)."

Nanci, Pineville
"... advice very informative and helpful ..."

"I have found your holistic advice very informative and helpful. Although my dog is only 3 years old and in good health, it's good to learn that there are safer and cheaper ways to treat her should she develop a health problem. Your information is especially helpful in proactive ways to keep my pet healthy in avoiding future problems from arising.

Thank you."

Arne, Mesa
"... love your book ..."

"I love your book. I having been waiting for a Vet like yourself who uses a natural healing and common sense approach to taking care of my animals. This also allows me to be empowered and involved in their care.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making it simple and easy to understand!"

Sonya, Gibsons, BC
"... really been impressed with the information ..."

"I have really been impressed with the information I have received in the newsletters from Dr. Jones. As a breeder of Yorkies, I am always looking for healthy alternative to strong meds prescribed by my vet. I love my dogs and want only the best for them and am really sold on the simple procedures suggested by Dr. Jones. I have shared his newsletters with all the members of the association I belong to and they think his way of caring for our animals is one of the most comprehensive and educational they have seen in a long time. I can't thank you enough. "

Letreva Jones, Blue Ribbon Farm, Emory Texas
"... without the need for expensive vets visits ..."

"Thank you very much for your straight forward information on how to help my dogs at home without the need for expensive vets visits. "

Gillian, Derby
"... found to our utter amazement, that in one day ..."

"I used your advice on the vinegar/water solution for my cockapoo's chronic ear infection problem. Although you said to use it for 5 to 7 days, we found to our utter amazement, that in one day, our Bentley's ear had totally calmed down, redness gone and he was no longer scratching it. Just to be safe we gave him one more dose, which he did not like, but he is fine now. We had been using the medicine from the Vet's office for the last 3 years and it never got rid of it.

Thank you sooooo much for your great advice."

"... with this wonderful e-book, I really can give them good advice ..."

"Friends and family seem to assume that I'm some kind of expert on pets, just because I own a few -- well, actually, the cats own me and the dog, LOL! Now, with this wonderful e-book, I really can give them good advice. Most importantly, I know when to tell them that they must take their pet to the vet."

Tessa Dick, California
"... wonderful, informative book ..."

"Dear Dr. Jones,Thank you very much for your wonderful, informative book. I have used the Chinese herbal formulation for recurrent urinary tract infections and finally have my dog's urinary infections stopped!! I would rate this ebook at 5 PAWS!!!

Best regards,"

Cecile Mate, Boston, MA
"... Thank you again Dr Jones ..."

"I shall thoroughly enjoy reading your book. It is down to earth and is written in such a clear and precise way that I know if the need should arise I can help my pet. I have a six month old Dobie, who is very aggressive, and insists on trying to be Alpha. But after reading your chapter on aggression everything changed!!

Thank you again Dr Jones for a very informative book!!"

Peggy Jaynes
"... great, informative book ..."

"Dr. Jones,

Thank you for the great, informative book. I am on my third reading of it and going over the Veterinary Secrets Newsletter. I am a pet sitter and used the remedy for an irritated eye on one of my clients cats. I must say, it worked like a charm. I am sure the book will come in useful many times for my pets and hopefully to open minded clients.


Lonnie Baker Gove, Las Vegas, NV
"... open our eyes to an alternative system ..."

"We haven't been able to get your book yet but my wife and I absolutely love your free newsletter. It has open our eyes to an alternative system of taking care of our 2 small rescued dogs whom we have grown to dearly love. You home remedy suggestions are super!

Keep it up Doc..."

Doug & Paula, Olympia, WA
"... consider the information you present extremely valuable ..."

"Dr. Jones,
I just wanted to let you know that I have been on your list for a bit and I consider the information you present extremely valuable. I apologize that I have not yet bought anything from you, but you can rest assured that I will be on your buyer's list at some point.
Because of your excellent tips and information from your emails to date, I was able to provide my vet with the right answers to all of her questions when my little Missy (a six-pound full-bred Yorkie) appeared to have a seizure last Thursday. I knew exactly what to look for to determine what was wrong and exactly what to do when I had determined she had not ingested anything poisonous.
I did everything I could to calm her and by the time I got her to the animal hospital (a ten-minute trip), she was doing fine. The vet told me that I "did everything right" and asked me how I knew so much about what was going on and what to do. Of course, I told her about your newsletter list/website. She was very complimentary.
The blood test she performed revealed nothing out of the ordinary (she suspected a liver shunt) and Missy is none the worse for wear; she was back in her growl-ly "play mode," teasing me with her toys and playing tug-o-war within minutes of returning home.
Thanks for all you do, and by all means, feel free to use this testimonial as you see fit.

Missy and I thank you."

Ken Harthun
"... Thank you for your advice and guidence ..."

"After many years I finally got my first animal, a minature poodle. Somehow, and I do not remember how I came upon your site. But, I have to tell you It was the best choice of my surfing. All the items that have occured to my poodle were contained in the book. I am sure this new venture will increase our knowledge and help keep our animals healthy and sound. I for one am looking foreward to your relase date. Put me on the list, I want first copy. Well maybe second.

Thank you for your advice and guidence, we are with you 100% in your quest for animal cures at home."

Dr Nick Itsines Col USAF (ret) Ph.D., San Bruno CA
"... very happy with it ..."

"Dear Dr. Jones,

Thank you for your Veterinary Secrets Revealed! I just wanted to let you know that I have bought your book & am very happy with it! Shortly after buying it, a friend of mine had a German Shepherd that was very sick, but he didn't know what the problem was. We email each other quite often, so I asked him what symptoms the dog was having.

After his reply, I checked your book & was able to tell him that it was either one of two different problems. Both symptoms required him to take the dog in to emergency, so I was able to help save his dog! He has now bought your book as well, just because of this!

Thank you so much!"

"... It was like a miracle ..."

"Hello Andrew,

I just like to say that after nearly a year of idiopathic cystitis, I really felt it was time for him to go to the cattery in the sky. I was very sad and took him home from the vet for a weekend at home. The vet advised me that Archie would need an operation to survive.

I felt I would try one last thing - after reading your book - and that was to stop giving him cat biscuits as they are so highly concentrated and Archie didn't drink enough water with them. It was like a miracle - he has been well ever since and is eating well and looks like his old self.

Many thanks for your help!"

Margaret Logan
"...thank you ..."

"Dear Dr Andrew,

thank you for all your wonderful emails, i look forward to them, I dont think we can have too much information on how to look after our loved companions, and that we want to do the very best for them, and its good to have the truth about what can harm our pets when it comes to medications, and their food.

thank you, a grateful pet owner"

Karyn Vedder, New Zealand
"... have told several animal owners about your mission ..."

"It takes a great amount of courage and dedication to animals to buck the system and reveal the truth about many conventional treatments and the ability for all of us to care for our animals at home. I have,and continue, to learn about many basic home care remedies and preventative care from your newsletters and value the continued reports. I have told several animal owners about your mission and they concur that it is about time someone cared enough to tell us the truth, and to do so without the extortion of "I will help your animal only if you give me enough money". No wonder the vet association is trying so hard to silence you. Keep the faith. It is only the trait of courage that separates good intentions from integrity. You have that courage, they do not. Continue to fight on for all of us and the animals."


Rene Kittles, Wyoming U.S.A.
"... aware and appreciative ..."

"Thank you so much for the available answers and knowledge you provide on your wonderful web site and in general some good chit chat. You give so much of yourself and believe me when I say all of us who visit the site are so aware and appreciative."

Muriel-Anne Brant Allemang, British Columbia
"... enjoyed reading your newsletters ..."

"I've enjoyed reading your newsletters. I'm a new pet owner. My Husband is a farm boy and our pets are kittens that we got to be "mousers" in the shop. I've never been a cat fan and being quite allergic to them, I figured I wouldn't be too involved with them. Not so! They have me wrapped around their little paws. I want to make sure they are healthy and happy. I have not purchased any of your material although I do like what I read.

Keep up the crusade!"

A Jennings, Ontario
"... LOVE reading your newsletter ..."

"Dr. Jones, I LOVE reading your newsletter and look forward to it every week. You always have useful tips for our family pets. It is so refreshing to see someone in animal care who is open minded to alternative methods and is willing to share information. Most vets in my area stick with the "norm" and won't venture into alternative medicine.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!"

Nancy Ball, Ontario
"... very informative and has answered many questions ..."

"Dr. Jones,

I am glad that I purchased your e-book "Veterinary Secrets Revealed", It is very informative and has answered many questions that I have had. I printed it off and put it in a notebook for quick and easy reference.

I highly recommend your book, and will advertise it for you on my website, and to any pet owner that I know. Thanks for taking the time to share your secrets with us!"

Geneva Prinkey, www.officialgoldenkennel.com, Utica, OH
"... wonderful tool, and I have recommended it to friends ..."

"Hello Dr. Jones,

I wanted to let you know that I have read your entire book and it has assisted me in educating myself about many things I can do to keep my cats healthier.

This is a wonderful tool, and I have recommended it to friends.
I actually used the eye bright remedy because my one cat had an irritated eye, and it cleared up quickly with remedy. Thank you so much."

Cindy Ishkanian, FL
"... worked fabulously ..."

"Dr. Jones,

I purchased your ebook searching for a cure for my arthritic pet. I have tried every supplement, but they stopped working. He reacted to the pain medication that my veterinarian put him on.

You suggested trying acupressure and it worked fabulously. He can run again without pain. Thank you so much for bringing my best friend back."

John Wysong, Vancouver BC
"... know a lot more about the care and feeding of my dogs ..."

"I have just begun receiving your emails and they have been so helpful... I now know a lot more about the care and feeding of my dogs...I look forward each day to the email and I am waiting impatiently for your next book...

Thank you so much for caring"

Diana, Alabama
"... so tired of paying high costs of care ..."

"Dr. Andrew, I am new to all this, but I do enjoy getting your newsletter. I am so tired of paying high costs of care for my pets that its good to know someone out there is really concerned about their health instead of our money. I look forward to learning."

Robin, LA
"... definitive source of alternative options ..."

"This book is the definitive source of alternative options for natural medicines in a variety of medical situations.

A MUST HAVE for every pet owner!"

Dr. Duncan Hockley, Montreal
"... guided me step by step ..."

Jonathan Carmichael's dog Argus developed red sores and constant itching. His former veterinarian prescribed steroids. Unhappy with the side effects, he chose to take his pet off medication, but the allergies returned.

Then after purchasing "Veterinary Secrets Revealed" Mr. Carmichael had this to report:

"I was enthralled to see the large number of safe, natural and effective at home remedies for treating my dog's allergies.

Dr. Jones guided me step by step in what to use, and with a combination of supplements including a common Vitamin, Argus stopped scratching WITHOUT the use of the veterinary medication (prednisone).
I can't Thank You enough!"

Jonathan Carmichael, Bedford NS
"... appreciate all information you send me ..."

"Dear Dr. Jones,

You are certainly a remarkably wonderful individual. I appreciate all information you send me and keep it all in a file for future reference. Your new website should make finding individual articles easier. Currently, I'm interested in trying to get the wormwood based cancer medication administered in the correct amount and intervals. Your expert and practical knowledge is a valuable asset to millions of animals throughout the world.

Thank you for sharing those "secrets" with us, the common animal lovers."

Gina Anderson, North Las Vegas
"... This book is indispensable ..."

"This book is indispensable. There is a wealth of information contained in it that can help every pet owner, whether you have a cat or dog, young or old.

I'm a big proponent of alternative and natural health care for myself and my family, so of course I am for my animals as well. Dr. Jones' book is very accessible and helpful for anyone wanting to ensure their animals are as healthy as they can be.

Although it is not a replacement for traditional veterinarian care, it empowers pet owners by giving them the information they need to make the best decisions about their animal's health.

It also gives an abundance of suggestions about preventative care and how to help your cat and dog live long, healthy lives. I will definitely recommend this book to all my animal-loving friends and relatives."

Erin McConomy, Seattle WA
"... informative and well written ..."

"Dr. Jones' book of home remedies, 'Veterinary Secrets Revealed', is especially informative and well written, making it extremely easy to understand.

The alphabetical layout is a quick and easy way of searching for a topic. A must for people of the 'Dog World' and 'Cat Fancy'!"

Shirley Smith, Devoted cat owner and Persian Breeder, Nelson BC
"... book gives me the resources and the right questions to ask my vet ..."

"Jessie is 12 years old and Zipper is 13 years old and both have had great difficulty with blocked anal ducts to the point where they will burst. This was causing them great pain and discomfort. It would cost me a great deal for a vet visit along with medication and a 2nd visit to see the vet. The vet suggested surgery for Jessie as hers were very serious.

After reading your book I consulted the vet and she agreed that I could clear the ducts on my own. So I do this once a month.

Your book gives me the resources and the right questions to ask my vet and has helped me to save money and keep my two miniature dachshunds healthy.

Thank you."

Joy Stevens, Canada
"... back to her old self ..."

"My little Shih Tzu, Oreo (15 years old) had surgery in the spring of last year. After the surgery the vet prescribed Rimadyl for her. She was in such bad shape that I was just days from having her put down. I stopped the Rimadyl and have been giving her one children's aspirin per day. Oreo is back to her old self and even runs around like a puppy on her frequent good days.

Thank you for giving me my baby back. "

Jack Hayes, Nevada
"... both of my cats (16 years old) are doing great ..."

"Dear Dr. Jones,

I purchased your ebook after roaming around the internet desperate to find information on how I could help my Persian cats (litter mates) fight early stage renal failure. My Vet had done all the testing but then offered no help other than get them on a "urinary diet". I wanted more and knew there had to be someone out there who could help. After purchasing the book, I was able to get the simple medications at health food stores or in the instance of Tums, at the grocery store! To make a long story short, both of my cats (16 years old) are doing great and my regular Vet doesn't get it!

This book is worth every penny!

One happy cat owner."

Ellen Martig, www.TheAdvantageCoach.com, Phoenix, AZ
"... Dr Jones is Good ..."

"Dr Jones does an excellent job of presenting challenging material in a way that any pet owner can understand. We as pet owners need to look at healthy options for keeping our pets well instead of running to the veterinarians who continue to do what's best for their bank account. It time to take responsiblity and explore better & simpler options for our pets.

Dr Jones is Good!"

Lynn, Treasure Island, Florida
"... information is priceless ..."

"Your information is priceless & have enjoyed every seminar and readings. Thank you."

Lor. T., New Jersey USA
"... Thank you for all you have done for the animals ..."

"My two year old Doberman Pinscher, "Matty", loves to eat hostas in the fall. They must have a great attraction to her as she eats them until she vomits for days, stops eating and gets extremely sick and lethargic. This happened last year. The vets suggestion was an antibiotic and examination at the cost of $99.00. I knew from my background as a physician that the antibiotic was not necessary.

After subscribing to your book and getting better knowledge on how to examine Matty myself, this year when it happened we did a three day fast with plenty of water and some peppermint tea to calm her stomach. She came out of it on her own. She was sick but I wasn't as alarmed this year because I knew how to examine her and what to look for. I have recommended your course and book to all my friends that have animals. We have printed copies of your e-book on the shelf and ready at all times. Also, thank you for directing us to the web site for food comparisons. We have now switched to Newmans Own and are making our own natural dog treats.

Thank you for all you have done for the animals by educating their owners and good luck on your new project. "

Dr. Nelson, Moline, Illinois
"... book that is long overdue ..."

"'Veterinary Secrets Revealed' is a book that is long overdue. Dr. Jones has provided a go to guide for many aliments that plague our animals. The best thing about this book concerns its focus on boosting health rather than just treating symptomology. I am always looking for safe, effective ways to booster my cats health, and Dr. Jones has provided this information for various diseases and conditions experienced by animals. "

Jamie, Dallas
"... a true, dedicated, concerned veterinarian ..."

"I have read all the literature you sent me via e-mail. I am very impressed. Everything you have said is absolutely correct. You are a true, dedicated, concerned veterinarian, highly knowledgeable and capable to help animals who are ill, and also to improve the health of those animals who are "visibly healthy" but not really healthy. Your methodology of treatment called Alternative Veterinary Medicine is to eradicate the cause of illness with natural foods and natural remedies, in contrast to Conventional Veterinary Medicine which covers up the symtoms of illness with toxic drugs which can not heal, but only create a more toxic condition in the bodies of these animals which are already toxic. There is not a single drug in the Pharmaceutical industry which does not have (negative) side effects. These drugs are usually cumulative, creating additional illness. You are God sent.

Continue your excellent work which is so much needed and it will be greatly appreciated by our loving pets and their owners. I am a Vet Assistant, have a Master's degree in Health Science, Nutrition and I have over 30 years of experience interacting with cats and dogs health. Natural nutrition (free of the toxic products present in most commercial foods) Herbal and Homeopathic medicines, Body Massage... all these therapies work miracles curing our pets and prolonging their lives.

Thank you Dr. andrew for your wonderful work."

Dora Kreymborg, 29 Palms California
"... I pass on the info to anyone I can tell ..."

"your newsletter is the first thing I read every day and it has help me alot with my tow boxers and I pass on the info to anyone I can tell about your site and the wonderful work you are doing. I wish I could find a vet in my area that had the some views as you I would jump for joy if I could find one.

Thank you very much for all you great info."

Tammy Myers, PA, www.trilogyonline.com/tmyers
"... know that my dogs will all be healthier ..."

"I have very much enjoyed the daily newsletter tips and am looking forward to reading the book. I have already resolved several issues myself (saving on vet bills without compromising health is a #1 priority for rescues) and I know that my dogs will all be healthier using a more holistic approach. The other advantage is that I will be able to share some of this knowledge and recommend the book in good conscience to new prospective adopters.

Thank you."

Marcia Tolleson, Tennessee
"... most informative and the knowledge I have picked up is fantastic ..."

"Hi Dr. Jones,
I have only been receiving your emails for a couple of months and I find them most informative and the knowledge I have picked up is fantastic. I have been passing it on to my friends who like myself also breed and show chihuahuas. I look forward to receiving your emails as they contain a wealth of information.

Thankyou for all your help."

Lynn Jenkin, Victoria Australia
"... can see a difference in their coats already ..."

"I thoroughly enjoy reading your newsletters. I am always looking for ways to improve the quality of my dogs' lives. As they have gotten older, some problems have shown up. I am also looking for ways to manage these things besides giving them a pill for a quick fix. I especially appreciated finding out that as far as their diets go, they need fresh things and and raw meat and vegetables. I can see a difference in their coats already. And of course they are happier getting people food!!


"... inforation is important to me ..."

"I have not as yet purchased your course, but hope to in the furture. This inforation is important to me because one of my dogs is a Service Dog and I need her to live as long as possible. I read every word in your e-mailings and they have been helpful to me. It is because of your on-line lecture in one of your e-mailings that I learned about the harmful effects of many dog foods. I did more investigation and ended up writting a report on it for college. I also passed this report out to other dog owners at my dogs obedience class hoping to benefit their pets. Both of my dogs now eat only the best holistic dog foods available. Due to the facts given about vacinations I now work between my vet and our new holistic vet and will be vacinating father apart. I have also gotten them off of heartworm medicine and am using natural repellents instead; added to that I now include liquid multi-vitamins with minerals to build the immune system and CoEnzyme Q 10 to streghten their hearts. Your e-mailing has lenghten my pets lives and I beleive has done alot of good for many.

I thank you."

Lillian Voigt, OR
"... book is a must have for animal lovers ..."

"This book is a must have for animal lovers and pet owners wanting a reliable, trustworthy source on natural treatments for their four-legged friends. It is wonderful to know that their are options available that are tried and true. I have used holistic remedies and they work.

Thank you Dr. Andrew for providing us with a comprehensive and invaluable resource! "

Louise, Jacksonville, Florida
"... My cats respond very well ..."

"I have found many things very informative in this book. My cats respond very well to the marine fish oil, I feel I am giving them the best thing for their health, and my cat with eye infections completely healed after using the black tea and it was soothing and she didn't mind being treated. "

Kathy, Valdosta, Ga.
"... look forward to each and every one ..."

"I have the pleasure of readying your newsletter for several months now, and so look forward to each and every one of the issues. You have provided me with a great deal of knowledge, knowledge that I have used, and will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. Jones, you are a living testament to your profession! I am one day hoping to afford the wealth of information you have put out, as I have all the confidence in the world in you. Thank you for your never ending dedication, and the help that you afford those of us who truly love our "little friends".


Cynthia Andrade, California
"... find it very informative ..."

"I enjoy your news letter and find it very informative. I have five dogs and I cook for them.

Thank you and keep up the good work."

Betty Jones, Chiloquin, Oregon
"... very enlighting ..."

"I found 7 secrets to be very enlighting. I agree that dogs don't need all those shots. Animals are just like humans. They can be over medicated to the point of death. I am a firm believer in the Rabbi's vaccine and deworming your pet. Several of your articles I've found to be very helpful.

Thank you for incliuding me. I look forward to reading your newsletter."

Barbara Oxford, PA
"... actually wants to help us have healthy pets ..."

"Here is a Dr. That actually wants to help us have healthy pets :) We just need more Dr.s like this for ourselves too :)"

Patricia, Ontario


"... Thank You so very much ..."

"Dr. Jones,

My Beautiful Chow Boo had a painful looking redness in Her eyes. My Vet had Me try one eye drop, then another, neither worked. Then the Vet told Me that it would cost about $350 to run alergy tests. It was then that I found Your online hints, the green tea drops worked like a charm, and cleared up Her eyes in less than three days.

Thank You so very much. "

Art Trombley, Hernando, Florida
"... timely and professionally studied ..."

"Dr. Jones' newsletter has been both timely and professionally studied. All of his comments are very close to my heart."

Lise Braden, Ontario
"... great information ..."

"Thank you Andrew for all the great information you give, I'm especially interested in the imunisation program for dogs. I have contacted my vet and am waiting to see him next week. I'll certainly be wanting some good reasons for imunisation each year.

Keep up the great work. You do real "good"."

Elizabeth, NSW Australia
"... found many, many useful tips and help ..."

"I found found many, many useful tips and help with the care of our pets from your newsletters. Of particular help was the one about helping with diarrhea as our youngest male will occasionally eat too many treats and develop a MUST GO case and your tip helped him (and us) and we are so thankful as it got him quick relief. Thank you for your caring attitude. Our pets aren't just pets to us, they are part of our family and anything that helps them is appreciated."

Earl Taylor, Baxter Tennessee
"... extremely helpful ..."

"I am so thankful that I have been able to access your newsletters. They are so extremely helpful. I run a Cocker Spaniel site on line and often am able to offer good advice based on what you have printed and sent to us in your newsletters. My favourite collection is all the free recipes I was able to download from you as well. Keep up the good work. You are definitely avery valuable asset to all us pet owners.

Not sure what we'd do without you."

Mary-Maureen Hardie, Pickering Ontario, Canada
"... very interesting and helpful ..."

"I think your newsletters are very interesting and helpful. Thank you for the time you spend writing them. I only wish I could afford to buy your books and study course. Being a senior and on a limited budget, they are out of my reach. From what I have read, I would recommend them."

Betty, Ontario
"... have been of great help and support to me ..."

"While I can honestly say that with (3) aging ladradors, I read your emails faithfully, and while being on a fixed ,small ,disability income, I am unable to afford your books and tapes, your emails have been of great help and support to me through problem ailments with my labs. When the day comes that materials are on sale, or in my limited budget, I will be the first to purchase them. My poor babies are plagued with arthritis(not displasia) an vet bills alone stretch me beyond my limits, but; oftn, your emails have saved me vet bills, that would take me months to pay for.

With Greatest Thanks and Admiration,"

Sandra Cowan, Albuquerque New Mexico
"... excellent advice and information literally saved our 15 year old Cocker Spaniel ..."

"Dear Dr. Jones,

Your excellent advice and information literally saved our 15 year old Cocker Spaniel and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

She is like a new dog, like she was 5 years ago. It is so wonderful to see, especially when we thought the end was already here.
Before putting her on an organic whole food diet and giving her proper supplements she could barely walk, could no longer use the doggie door, and did not have the hip and leg strength to hold herself in position to pee and poop. We had to have someone with her all day and wipe her bottom.
She was so weak, shaking, and we so concerned about her. Our local vet only had steroids and really nothing else.
Once we put her on supplements (Glucosamine/Chondroitin, Silymarin, Wobenzyme) in only 3 days we saw a huge improvement. She was walking better, began using the doggie door, and had much more energy.
She has steadily improved over the past 3 wks and now she is as if 5 years younger and we can not tell you how happy we are, and so is she being back to her healthy self again.
This week we put her on a proper dog food (Innova) and have already seen vast improvements in her and our other dog (Great Dane). They are looking better, have great energy again, and enjoying their canine life; and they absolutely love the food.

The time has come for people to realize the horrible cost of drug based therapies that don't work. Much like the Allopathic model is a failure in most cases, so his the same model applied to veterinary medicine.
It has a role indeed, trauma, surgery, and some select treatment protocols the Allopath can be of great service. But not as a rule, and not for just about everything we seek the help from a vet for.

You are providing an invaluable service and public education and we thank you ever so much for your courage and willingness to speak the truth out loud.

In gratitude,"

Erik & Cata Fulkerson, Orange County CA
"... Thank you so very much for caring about animals ..."

"Thank you so very much for caring about animals & their owners enough to send/write the enlightening information & having it available to computer users, etc. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to learn so much for future reference to have healthier pets!

Many years ago, I had worked a short time for a veterinary clinic & have since forgotten all the good things that I had learned as to dogs, cats & whatever! Short of reading hundreds of books; this shall be the greatest of help in the meantime & most up-to-date. Will gladly pass on the information to others."

S. Fox
"... wonderful book ..."

"Dear Dr. Jones:

Firstly may I congratulate you on a wonderful book, I especially like the "freebie" on Acupressure and find the diagrams incredibly helpful."

Julie Morriss
"... quick, easy-to-use reference for pet owners ..."

"Dr. Jones,

Your book, Veterinary Secrets Revealed is a quick, easy-to-use reference for pet owners who are conversant with natural health terms and practices. Your book should be on every pet owners bookshelf. With the emergency treatments and CPR included are a must for all pet owners.

Thank you for your fast response to my inquiry on Hyperthyroid Disease."

"... Your book surely is like some kind of a wonder ..."

"Dr. Jones,

Your book surely is like some kind of a wonder. In good old Germany I was surching through the net to find something about thyroid problems in dogs, having taken a one year old golden retriever from a women wanting to get rid of her. She came with a high dosis of L-thyroxin and the vet bills started to expand. I came across your book, found something similar to the raw gland concentrates here in Berlin and thats how it started. Than I have treated the ears with calendula and garlic and, and, and.... Wonderful."

Christine Schulze-Leistikow, Berlin, Germany
"... The information that you have provided so far is outstanding ..."

"Your eBook Veterinary Secrets Revealed & your Daily Newsletter have been very informative. We have 4 dogs & 4 cats that need attending to. So we seem to have one problem or another to keep in check. We have been doing our own Vet Work, being raised on a farm and using home remedies for years. I have purchased your eBook to improve my knowledge on pet care.

The information that you have provided so far is outstanding. A healthy pet is a happy pet. What more could a pet owner want. "

Richard, Nanaimo
"... very importance and useful ..."

"Hi, Dr. Andrew Jones,

All the information you give to us through your daily newsletter, Veterinary Secrets and your e-book, Veterinary Secrets Revealed is very importance and useful. I live in Puerto Rico and most veterinary doctors here close their clinic at 6:00 pm. After 6:00 pm there no one to ask or no place to go. But we always have your information ready to be use (24/7).

Thank You,"

Carlos Perez, Puerto Rico
"... I love it ..."

"Dear Dr. Jones,

I have taken your course and bought the book. I love it so far. I have a cat named Rockie who was in stage 5 leukemia. We had to give him Interfuron, an iron supplement and antibiotics and my daughter and I had to feed him and give him liquid with a syringe. Your book came in so handy for information on other supplements and for a cancer diet for him . He's doing so much better now . He was not to live beyond one week but it's been two weeks and he has bounced back from a cat who couldn't move nor eat to a cat that is playing and wanting to go out for his daily walk :)

Very pleased with your book,"

Fatima Al-Haqq, Surrey, BC
"... one of the best courses that I ever read ..."

"I own and operate a small family owned breeding kennel and I've been receiving your '7 Secrets Course' and I also got my free e-book. I just wanted to let you know that this is one of the best courses that I ever read! It's very informative and full of USEFUL information, as is the e-book!

Great job! Can't wait for more. "

Ruth Baldwin, Clarksville, TN
"... you are right on target with everything you suggest ..."

"Dear Dr. Jones,

Your daily newsletters are very informative and I have saved every one. Many of the remedies you suggest I already knew about from other "natural remedy" people and you are right on target with everything you suggest. With 6 aging doggies in the house, I have your newsletters saved so they are right at my fingertips for consultation. Thank you for the wonderful free advice. I am looking forward to the teleconference next week.


Maria O'Connor, Wilmington, NC
"... did the trick within three days! ..."

"I have a Shar Pei I rescued from the Humane Society. He was covered entirely with a yeast infection. It took a year but this was gotten under control. Yet, occasionally he would still itch on his underside, behind the front legs, and on the neck. After purchasing your book and reading about allergies I tried the dog home made recipe diet for allergies. It did the trick within three days!

Thank You,"

Beverly, Colorado Springs
"... learnt so much and look forward to receiving your regular e-mails ..."

"I will be treating myself to your e-book this christmas, just from your mini course i have learnt so much and look forward to receiving your regular e-mails. How nice it is to come across a vet who has a genuine concern for pets and their owners, rather than just their bank balances."

Marie-Chloe Rowlands, Manchester, U.K.
"... recommend friends and people I know to subscribe ..."

"I read your daily newsletter every day every time, and recommend friends and people I know to subscribe to it as well purchase your 'Vet Secrets' e-book, because I always get tidbits or even eye-opening news I don't know about or of. It's always very enlightening, especially because I lost 6 of my 7 cats due to severe, deadly diseases such as bone-cancer, tumor, eye Melanoma, etc. If I had known more about the garbage put into petfood much earlier my cats could have probably lived longer and healthier, not from the diseases caused by food over the years. They ate this 'garbage pet food' daily for all of their lives, try doing that and see if you don't develop something really bad. It's even amazing they lived as long as they did. Your advise and news is helping pet owners all the time.


"... absolute best, most candid, intuitive, knowledge-filled ..."

"The absolute best, most candid, intuitive, knowledge-filled, diagnostic-based newsletter! Dr. Jones enables us, with his forthright and valuable information, to treat our beloved pets at home, saving us from the grips of practitioners whose motivation is not in line with ours."

Sharon Anne Militello, RN, North Carolina
"... Quite informative ..."

"I really look forward to recieving your newsletters,Quite informative and they make me feel like a valued client..I once had an emergency with one of my german shepherds on a weekend - NO Vets available, but a 1 hr drive to the emergency center ...It was late and they demanded $200.00 before even atempting to help my dog. I was so disappointed and outraged expressing we don't have the caring compassionate Vets we used to have in the past..I left my dog as this was the only available place.They called me the following day to say she was not responding to treatment and I lost her..... Knowing I have other options through your website,books &newsletters in keeping my animals healthy and balanced.Great tools for me my friends & my family!

Thanks so much."

Ann Roy, Quebec Canada
"... Thank you ..."

" Hi. I am frome Ukraine but live in Malaysia. I am vary thanksfull for all you do. Here in Malaysia: 1) doctors know nothink themthelfs. They are treatments by guss. Try this medicin, if dosen't work - try another. 2) even if they do know - they will never tell you. So i keep looking 4 them. 3) i dont trust them.Thanks to you i can do many thinks on my on. And i am sure thet i did the best is possible. And if somethink wrong - i am the only to blame. But us far - All gos graite. Thank you againe. And forgive me my grammar. I speack Ruussian."

Natasha, Malaysia Klang
"... very instructive ..."

"We have found your e-mails very instructive and entertaining. We feel we know a lot about you and your life. Keep up the good work. Thanks - Beryl and Ron."

Beryl and Ron Heath, London, UK
"... very helpful ..."

"I read often your book very - very helpfull . like a teacher in home."

Jose Torres, Managua, Nicargua
"... Thank You For All Your Knowledge ..."

"I believe in your natural ways of treating pets so much that I advertise your book Veterinary Secrets Revealed on my Pet Products Site, http://www.rosespethappiness.com. I treated a cat with a urinery tract infection with Cranberry Juice after my Vet told me he should put him to sleep. Emmit's photo is on my site. The photo was taken 1 year ago and it's been 6 years since I gave him the Cranberry Juice. His story is on my affiliate page. I guess what I am saying, if i would have had your book then I wouldn't have almost lost my cat because I would have treated him as soon as I realized something was wrong with him. But, Thank God, he is fine and happy!

Thank You For All Your Knowledge about Pets - You're a Blessing."

Rosalyn Loxley, Xenia
"... Thank the gods a thoughtful vet ..."

"Thank the gods a thoughtful vet decided to help people and having used homeopathy for years I know how these remedies work better than any allopathic treatment. animals are always responding so much better and faster to natural therapies so why not empower people to make a choice without any risk for their animal companions!"

Pascal, Bournemouth(UK)
"... it is great all my friend are raving about it ..."

"Dr Jones,

I have your e-book and it is great all my friend are raving about it, how do you know what to do with your pet? How does your pet stay so healthy? All these are due to the infromation I obtained from your e-book. I must say I do have a healthy pet. She is my child and I credit you for helping me take good care of her, if something goes wrong to the book I go to look up what to do to correct the problem. Your book has made me aware of the things that sometimes your vet will not tell you or just frogets to mention. By beeing better informed to know what to ask about or what to look for I have become a better mother to my pet. Thank you for the information, and making me a better mom. Again thank you so much for the information. I can't wait till the new book and the interaction with the DVD comes out I will be sure to get them.


Donna Mincey, Vidalia, GA
"... concise and useful ..."

"Dr. Jones, Being a Native American I have worked with herbal and natural remedies my entire life. I have always treated mt pets in the same way (my father calls me a cross between Dr Doolittle and Ellie May). In your newsletters I have found more useful information than I have ever been able to ascertain on my own. It is concise and useful. I also appreciate that you admit when an animal needs to seek professional medical help, so many in your line of work seem to think they are an island unto themselves.

Thank you so much for making your information available."

Carol Cameron, Clermont, FL
"... newsletter and eBook are wonderful and they saved my cat from liver disease ..."

"Your newsletter and eBook are wonderful and they saved my cat from liver disease. I used the natural remedies that you recommended, and when I took her to the vet, the blood tests showed no signs of liver problems.

Thank you so much for your great talent and skills."

Kathy, Greenwood, IN
"... refreshing ..."

"Having already been warned of the dangers of vaccinations and ensuring correct nutrition for people, my pet has been subjected to the same principles. How refreshing it is for a Veterinarian to expose the same truths in the care of animals."

Paul Bond, Norfolk UK
"... have been a great help in making my chow healthier ..."

"I read your letters daily. I have introduced your sight to all of my animal loving friends and family. The books have been a great help in making my chow healthier, great coat and no vets. If I had your books a few years ago, my Billie Bo would still be with us. She was on anti inflamitories for a few years, I now know that they took from her life. Your books did make her more compfortable the last few month of her life. I messaged her and acupuncture did relieve some pain.

God Bless and please keep the letters coming."

Patricia Carey, California USA
"... Thank you Dr. Jones for all you do for our animals ..."

"Although I admit that I have not done all the reading that I should have done, I really enjoy the e-mails that I get. I feel that I have a true friend in the animal business that I can ask questions of and learn from.

Thank you Dr. Jones for all you do for our animals and for us."

Kelly Sparks, California
"... very informative and interesting ..."

"Dr. Jones,

I really enjoy reading your daily e-mails I find them very informative and interesting. In the near future I hope to be joining your inner circle .


Dianne MacLean, Manitoba
"... You have made the difference ..."

"I love your newsletter and so do my four footed friends. With 5 cats, one large breed senior canine citizen and three horses - I need all the help I can get.

You have made the difference. I can't thank you enough."

Cassie RayBould, Quebec
"... I feel more confident in taking care of my pets ..."

"Thank you so much for the letters, this is really helping me immensly. I feel more confident in taking care of my pets. I have 5 cats 2 dogs 1 bird and an eggeater snake.

Thank you again."

Tersia van Tonder, South Africa


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